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Shoplifting/How to write a report/fictive story

Me, Police Chief Officer F. Dosto and Detectice D. Schweda, were in a souvernier shop in London, today at 16 o’clock to collect facts about a girls group of 3 girls, who shoplifted and stole some beer and a figuer. The owners name was Emily Parker, a young woman, together with a friend of her, name: Isabel Vernon.

There was no kind of aggression or fight, just the girls were grabbt as the wished to leave the shop without paying.

I first collected facts, while Mr. Schweda looked around the area: Ms. Parker herself caught the shoplifters when these wanted to leave without paying at early 15.30 o’clock. She was not angry or anything. Ms Parker told us,  that she wanted to get paid for the stolen stuff and wanted to forbid the girls to come back to her shop again.

She could do it without an advertisement, she told us. The girls all had to do social hours and pay a high bill to the shop-owner, if she had wished for an adertisement, the law says.

The girls did not say a reason, why they had shoplifted and if they had done it already once, but they werde added to our police directory and they gotwarned and if they would do it again, they would get big trouble, cause they were adults, law says.

The girls got warned and had to pay the bill, but did not get the stuff, but they did not claim about that.

After an hour, everything was done, the girls had to move away and were not allowed to join the shop again, and Mrs. Parker got paid for the stuff.

End of protokoll

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