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skip the Sharpener

We can subdivide the sharpener into four parts: – the general appearance and equipment of Skip – the material he is made of – his abilities of being used differently Its general apearence is very simple because he should be a commodity and not a piece of jewellery. We subdivide the sharpener into four parts: the case the head three screws And a build-in sharpener with a very sharp blade Second point the equipment. So what do you notice at first when you look at him? Of course, the shape of the sharpener´s case. The ribbed surface pervents slipping. Skip fits perfectly in your hand. Third point: material Skip the sharpener is made of plastic, which is very fexible. So if you are very stressed, you do not need to handle the case with care. It works like a feather when you press it on top. Two screws mark, the so called: “pencil-put-in-area”. If the pencil is stuch in, the two scews give it a hold between the black head-part and the case. Depending on the desired thickness of the lead, you mayy choose the number of revelutions. After ten minutes sharpening, the inner room is about to overflow. Now it´s high time to open Skip and dispose the waste into the “bio-waste bin”. The last but not the least: the abilities If you fill it with water, it can be used as a water-glass for painting It can also be a hiding-place for your locker-key Or a security container to put your earrings in during the PE lesson It is a nearly perfect box for collecting your cheat-papers Flowerpot for little plantss Or it can of cours simply be used as a sharpener again.

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