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Was Stalin’s’ rule from 1928 a disaster for the Russian People?

There are actually two ways of facing it if Stalin’s rule was a disaster or not. Because the people could have faced it like that on the beginning ok a new ruler and he knows how to make our country better. But the other way could have been that the people at the middle of Stalin’s rule said no he doesn’t know what to do he is always killing those people who were “responsible” for the Russian revolution which started 1905 and ended at 1924.

At the beginning Stalin looked pretty well he build Russia and made everything save but later on he just really lost everything. The Society actually loved him, they were really proud of him, how he just stabilised Russia. Working places got more and more and Russia was one of the biggest Country which there was at this time. So people actually liked him really much and thought yes now the right man is on power and he knows how to lead our country, until he started to kill people.

I think that Stalin was a danger not a disaster but a danger for the whole world because he had one of the biggest army’s there was. So he could have actually make Russia much bigger because of his army.

The Society from other countries wasn’t really infected by Stalin’s rule. Stalin was one of the greatest dictators in the 20 century.

The Russian revolution was actually one of the biggest problems Russia had. The Second world war, Stalin had no didn’t really had any pressure taking Russia through there.

Stalin had one of the best Systems how to control a country. It was in that time the best system. Everything was organized and nothing went wrong. He killed the people he wanted to kill, he made the society better then before, and he made his country popular and rich. The society felt good and Stalin even better.

Stalin had everything under control. It wasn’t a disaster for the Russian people at the beginning but it went over to an disaster when the war has started. The Society wasn’t feeling good but Stalin still had everything under control and knew exactly what he is doing and what he will do. When he started killing people the society already felt bad.

Stalin was a great leader at the beginning but at the end everything stopped.

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