The American class system referat

the American class system

The American class system

who belongs to

Name of the class

the characteristic

-power elite:

*multi millionaires

*business inventors


-high-prestige politicians

-military leaders

The ruling class

-top of America’s society

-a “good” family name, which could

be traced back to the WASPs*

-social, political and financial power

until today


(doctors, lawyers)

-business executives



The upper middle class

-people who are wealthy and often

have a doctor’s degree


-social workers

-small businessmen


-white-collar workers (clerks)

-blue-collar workers

(skilled craftsmen)

The middle class

-backbone of the nation

-quantitatively and qualitatively

the most powerful force

-have improved their economic


-obtained skilled jobs

-moved into well-to-do-suburbs

-a decade after the violent

sixties a third of the Blacks

managed it to belong to this


-assembly-line factory workers


-truck drivers



-shop assistants

The working class

-regularly employed or semi-skilled



-casual labourers

-migrant farm workers

-the poor

The poor class/

the underclass

-looked down by everybody else

-live in miserable conditions, in

shabby “downtown” areas

-mostly Blacks or Hispanics

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