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Las Vegas


My presentation is about Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is in Nevada an has about 600000 residents and more than 120000 hotelbeds. Every year visits over 30 million people the glittercity and spend there 6 milliards Dollar for fortune play. Las Vegas belongs to the knowest towns in the world. Las Vegas is composed of two pieces, the older downtown in the north and the modern Strip in the south. The head receipts is the fortune play and the tourism.


 Las Vegas has a lot of hotels. Every hotel has one resolute theme, some examples: the Circus Circus Hotel is like a circus, the Mirage Hotel is like the Carabic or the Treasure Island Hotel is with pirates. Some themehotels are like city's in Europe like the Paris Hotel with the Eiffel Tower only smaller. In Las Vegas it gave about 111 hotels. Every hotel has at least one casino. On the evenings come the tourist through the hotels to watch pirates or volcanic eruptions.


 The MGM is not only the biggest hotel in the world but also it has the biggest casino in the world ,too. The theme are the MGM films. The hotel was opening on the 18th of December 1993 and it costs 1 milliards Dollar. Until 1997 you got trough a big lion head into the hotel, today you go trough normal doors in and next to the entrance is a big lion statue. The MGM has 5785 rooms. There are 10 restaurants, a lot of shops, a wedding chapel and a big concert arena.


 The Luxor is ion the Egypt's style, with a 110m high pyramid and the copy of the Sphinx. The hotel has 4476 rooms, which as well are in the pyramid. Inside are some casinos, 7 restaurants, a lot of shops, a museum, a Imax theatre. It was opening on the 15th October 1993 and the costs were 375 million Dollar.


The Venetian is a copy of Venice. It has 4049 rooms. On the first floor you can go along the 400m long "Canale Grande" under a false heaven. On the "Canale Grande" you can make a boat trip with a copy of a Italian gondola. A highlight is the Marcusplace with café's, too. The hotel has 17 restaurants, Madame Taussauds wax museum and a wedding chapel.


 The New York New York offers you inside and outside a real KULISSE. In the front of the hotel stands a copy of "The Statue Of Liberty" and the Brooklyn Bridge. The rollercoaster "Manhattan Express" drives around the twelve skyscrapers. Inside you will find the copy's of the "Broadway", "The Times Square", the "Park Avenue" or the "real " new York refuse collection. The 2024 rooms are in the skyscrapers. Beside there are a casino, 6 restaurants, a wedding chapel and night-clubs like the copy of the "Coyote Ugly" night-club.



The Strip is the tourists attraction in Las Vegas. The indicate lights makes the city at night and at day to a lightsparadise. At the Strip are the most hotels and casinos. The Strip hat until today 5 names (Arrowhead Highway, Salt Lake Highway, Route 91, Los Angeles Highway, Las Vegas Boulevard South).On The strip are 18 of the 20 biggest hotels in the world.


 From Las Vegas you can make some trips. The popularst are Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The Grand Canyon is 450m long and 30 km wide. You can visit it with a helicopter. The Death Valley is just since 1994 a Nationalpark. In summer there can be over 50°C. The Hoover Dam is the dam of the Lake Mead. The damming mason is 379m long, 221m high and till 201m thick. The Lake Mead is 177km long and till 180m deep, the coast is over 880km long.


Las Vegas has a lot of possibility for freetime. Get married, visit shows, diner in luxury hotels, shopping in factory outlets are only a small selection. Las Vegas has more than 50 wedding chapels and on "Drive-In-Wedding-Counter".

One of the sows is "Sigfried & Roy" in the Mirage Hotel, with their with tigers. The both Germans showed their show more than 20 years in Las Vegas.

You can visit a lot of museums in Las Vegas, like Madame Taussauds wax Museum in the Venetian hotel or a Natural History Museum.

In Las Vegas gives a shop with German food and German newspapers.