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In general:



  • gives lot of information
  • gives current-affairs news
  • medium to pass the time
  • distraction for children
  • cultural enrichment
  • informs a lot of people at the same time about something
  • • charges
  • can manipulate people
  • neglect of friends and work
  • leads people to laziness
  • damages the eyes
  • dangerous for children

Television isn’t an altering intelligence because it fills our heads with non coherent facts which are difficult to understand in the whole.

Children should be prevented from indiscriminate watching, schools and parents should talk with the children about the programmes they watch.

The impact of television on the viewers:

Most people agree that television has the greatest influence of all the mass media. Therefore some say that the government should fully regulate the television industry.

A report of the Institute of Mental Health in the US found out following:

  • Alcohol consume is common on TV, and it is accepted as regular and normal in social practice
  • Television has become a major socialising agent of children, what means that children often behave the way they see it on TV
  • Television produces a wrong picture of the world we are living in

Advertising on TV:



  • people are informed of new products
  • TV channels earn money ⇒ good program and movies
  • Break during movies to go to the toilet or get something to eat or drink
  • • too much ads nowadays
  • lot of silly ads
  • lot of offensive ads, not for children, but broadcasted in the afternoon
  • ads often come unexpected
  • influence people

Screen violence:

Two different meanings:

  • On the one hand studies showed that that people who watch violent films or programmes are more likely to lose their tempers and exhibit some form of violent actions than those who don’t watch films containing violence. In addition a study showed that children who watched violent films were far more likely to be convicted of criminal offences than other children.

  • On the other hand a lot of people say that watching violent films is just good fun and that these films have no influence on them. It’s just breaking a taboo and violence in films can be liberating, because the audience identifies with the aggressor and the power he has. For this people watching violent films is just an innocent pleasure.

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