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Gorj County

Gorj county-with a recorded history of more 500 years, lies in the                          south-western part of Romania, on the middle course of the river Jiu, and takes in the northern part of Oltenia.

In Targu-Jiu it is some large firms.Some of the biggest firms are:

C.N.L.O.(National Lignite Company of Oltenia)

A rubber processing firm Artego S.A.

A machinery and equipment manufacturing- Grimex S.A. and Minfo S.A.

Tudor Vladimirescu College” Tg-jiu,29 Unirii Streat.It is one of the biggest colleges of Oltenia.

The Gorj Country had a lot of history person:

Ecaterina Teodoroiu (she fought in the first world war)

Tudor Vladimirescu(he was born in 1780,he lead the revolt for freedom in 1821)

Two of the best artist ho born in Gorj Country are Constantin Brancus and Iosif Keber (ho was a famous church painter).

Gorj Country is very “rich” in monastery:

Locate at the foot of Stone of Polovragi Mount(Polovragi village) it is the Polovragi Monastery,

There is no clew about the architecture of Lainici Monastery.

The Targu-Jiu City Hall-16 Brancusi Boulevard, whose foundation stone was set on July 11th,1932.The City Hall it is near the town council stadion.The mayor’s name is FLORIN CARCIUMARU who is a democrat mayor.

The town council football team is “Pandurii Lignite Targu-Jiu” .The football team is young but very good.

Targu-Jiu Community Palace-the Prefecture, 2-4 Victory Square,was designed by the architect Petre Antonescu.

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