Prohibition und Mafia 1920 referat

Prohibition und Mafia 1920-1933

Time of Prohebitionand the Mafia( Al Capone)


-1920 till 1933 were alcoholics are forbidden

-time of Mafia in the USA( specially Al Capone)

1.1)beginning of Prohibition

-1750 England try to forbid Alcoholics in Colonies(whitout succsess)

-1820 average people drunk 27% pure alcohol

-1851 first law of Prohibition in Maine ( eng. Buch 1.seite NO)

-1873 War of women ag. Saloons


-1916 countless Ending of Saloons

-1919 conforence( congress of americe) make the prohibition law ( 65% of Congress) every people drunk 9,8 pure liters alcohol

1.2)time of prohibition

-beginn was good

-mafia recogniced a good place to be

-for this reason there was illicted work, blackdistilation, smuggling and illegal selling of Alcohol

-drink alcoholics in 'speak easys'

-increase of organiced crime

1.3)ending of prohibition

-people want end of prohibitition

- a new industrial society is born, the people want to save their families

-december 33 prohibitionlaw is passed

- every people drunks 3,4 liters pure alcohol

- 1966 no state got a prohibitionlaw

2.) the Mafia

-italian: arrogand

-no central organisation

-founded in sizilien to times of the feudalcontrol - save rich people for attacs

-mafiosis have to keep promis to outside

-move to America at the time of prohibition

-contact to Italian mafia stood either

-survive cause of alcoholsmuggle

-famous : Al Capone

- after prohibition

-they where active in the gambling, prostitution or drugdealing

3.) Al capone

-1899 in Neapel

-1905 travel to england

-Scarface( Narbengesicht)

-grew up in Brooklyn

-leave school and was active in Ganga

-settle in Chicago make a big syndicate

-1927 100Mio Dollars cause of prostitution or alcoholsmuggle

-1929 Valentinesday massacre: capone ruled whole Chicago

-1931 Capone was busted cause of taxevatio. Only convict of a crime!

-11 Years under arrest

-1939 early lefing cause of his illness

- rest of life in villa in Miami

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