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Report about San Francisco

Report about San Francisco

I want to tell you everything about the most important attractions of San Francisco, and I will start with the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is the connection between the Pacific Ozean and the San Francisco Bay. It was built in 1937. It's 67m high and 2739m long.
In the past many people who have considered to commit suicide, jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Nowadays it's secured with a higher fence.

There's permanently a lot of traffic on this bridge. When you drive across the bridge southbound, you have to pay $2 toll. The drive northbound is free of charge.

In 1906 there was a devastating earthquake and a lot of people have lost their lives. People who live in San Francisco are used to feeling the earth trembling on and off. So don't be surprised to hear the glasses in the cupboard when you are on holidays there.

The next attraction is the Island of Alcatraz. The Island of Alcatraz was the most popular prison on the west coast. It was the most dreaded state prison of all in the USA. Even the worst gangsters (among others Al Capone) were nearly incapable to escape.
"Alcatraz" is the Spanish word for "Pelican" and the island was named that way because a huge number of these birds have their breeding- places there.

If you want to see some very odd things, then you should visit the "The Ripley's believe it or not museum". In the Ripley's believe it or not museum you can see about 2000 strange things from all over the world. For example the tiniest Violin of the world, two headed animals, or a man with four eyes.

The most famous attraction in San Francisco, known worldwide, is the cable car. The first cable car was built in 1873 and it was named "Hallidie's Folly".

What is absolutly characteristic for San Francisco are the steep streets which are going up and down like a roller coaster.

If you are a big nature freak, then you should go to the Golden Gate Park. It is in the west of San Francisco. The Park is 800m wide and over 5km long. More than 5000 different plant species grow in this great garden. In pens you can find some typical American animals, for example the Wapiti Deer and buffalos. But you don't only find flora and fauna in the Golden Gate Park, you also can visit some very interesting museums in the eastern part of the park.

San Francisco is a living museum of Victorian houses. Thousands and thousands of them line the streets. Many even predate the fire and earthquake of 1906. Many are beautifully preserved and painted by residents who are proud of their city's heritage.

San Francisco is a really fantastic place to spend your holidays. There is something interesting for everyone.

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