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Shopping in America

Many American teenagers spend more time in shopping malls, than any other place. A lot of senior citizens often go to malls only for watching people, meet their friends and pass the time. Teenagers have the same reasons why they go there. Joggers go to shopping malls early in the morning , before the shops open, they like this area because it's air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. For lots of Americans, shopping is a kind of sport or hobby - and 'going shopping' means 'going to the mall'. Another typical American institution is the drugstore. 'Drugs' can mean things like heroine and cocaine, but it also means any kind of medicine. In America, medicine is sold in drugstores. Once, a drugist invented Coca-Cola and all people drank it in drugstores. Many drugstores still have a place where you can drink soft-drinks and eat, but here you can buy nearly everything from cameras to clothesExcept for liquor stores, there are few laws in America, when stores must close. Most stores open about nine or ten am and close at nine or ten pm. Some grocery stores and restaurants are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. One important thing to remember when you go shopping in America is, that things will cost more than you think, more than the price that is marked. Because most states have a state sales tax (about five or six percent) which is added to the price when you buy something.

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