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prisoner in a school !?!

It is said that school is sometimes the grave of originality.

Of course, it is the grave of OUR originality, which is taken away from us.

The institution that is supposed to develope our intelligence and imagination only succeds to inhibit us by transforming our originality in its own. Too bad, that our good ideas are converted into bad actions against the school's inhabitants. Anyway, we don't know how things are going in other cities, but here, the students' life really sucks!

Besides the fact that the school isn't doing anything for our entertainment and wealth like other schools do, it really succeeds sometimes to make our days more miserable than they already are by living in a 7 sqm, without any future , gully town.

But enough talking, let's go down to our hot problems.

Last year was organised an election for the headmaster job. The old leaders of the school were defeated and their places were taken by a person member of the party who governs this poor country in present. The actual headmaster wanted to disturb the natural going of things in our school, and started to change a little bit here, a little bit there, just to make us think that she's way better than the old, 'lazy' leaders. But we are no fools, aren't we?

So, as we were saying, SHE started by modifying the 'Rules of Interior Order' and giving her first total eronated 'penalty': closing the gates to the only 'road to freedom', food and happyness.

So, we are not allowed anymore to leave the school perimeter even if we have any kind of problems: health, financial, or in the school's own interest, without a 'passing allowance note'.

But only now start all our problems.

The first one: you go to the gate. There, an over-weighted, hatefull, odious, surly woman is standing in front of the gate, covering even the last spot of light given by freedom. And she says with a maliciously smile: 'Your note !' and no 'please'. Your trembling voice whispers: 'I don't have one but I'm really hungry and I only want to go to the shop to buy some food for me and all my classmates'. The woman will say: 'Go get a note', happy because she made another victim. Your stomach asks for his rights, so you're going to get the great note.

In the teachers' room the bomb explodes over your head: no one wants to give you a note because the headmaster doesn't allow the teachers to give passing allowance notes without a good reason supplied. And, of course, in her opinion, hunger isn't sufficient.

So, you're condamned like in a nazzy prisoners camp to starve to death.

Don't you wonder how can we be efficient if our only thought is about the tasty, steamy meal waiting for us at home?

And all these in a school with no full-time drinking water, with desks that besides the fact that they destroy our bodies, they tear our clothes, too.

But they did a wonderful thing if we forget about all these problems: in times when the termal agent in the town is ceased, they installed the school's own termal station, to prevent us from freezing during the classes. Of course, with OUR MONEY!!!

But we can resist this opression because we are a generation passed through many dificulties that made us strong, and determined us to hold together. We are there one for the other and that's all that matters

ALL CRAP !!!!!!

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