Mass Media in Great Britain referat

Mass Media in Great Britain

1. Newspapers

- Freedom of Press: the press is allowed to say what it likes without any interference by the


trend towards concentration of newspaper ownership began in the early 1900s

Monopolies and Mergers Act (1965): government is allowed to intervene if a paper is to be transferred to an owner whose papers have a daily circulation of 500,000 or more

a national industry

former centre: Fleet Street, London, now Docklands

very high circulations <circulation figures>

strong influence on public opinion

mainly financed by advertising

in the hands of a few big commercial enterprises


no control or censorship by state

letter to the editor as the most common form to express one's opinion about an article

Press Council:

set up of equal number of professionals Ooumalists) and non professional members


prevention of unreasonable behaviour and untruthful reporting defence of the freedom of the press

maintenance of certain professional standards

deal with complaints against newspapers and periodicals

- Dailys and Periodicals

Quality papers (The Times, The Guardian)

* appeal to an educated readership

* national and international news

* great variety of topics of general interest

Popular papers (Today, Daily Mirror, The Sun)

appeal to everyday people

sensational news

informal language

Regional Papers (The Scotsrnan; Eastbourne Herald)

Great number of weekly papers and monthly periodicals (The Weekly Telegraph)

II.  Television / Radio

Television begun in 1936 and became really popular after 1952 (coronation of QEII)

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

- runs 5 national radio stations (Radio I - 5), 2 TV networks (BBC 1, BBC2)

- offers a wide range of programmes

- financed by the sale of TV licences, programmes and publications

- must be politically neutral and commercially independent.

- only responsible to Parliament

Independent Broadcasting Authority (1]3A)

- runs about 40 local radio stations, 2 TV channels, operates 15 regional TV stations - has to show impartiality in controverdal matters

- has to be accurate in its news coverage

- has to observe certain standards with regard violence

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