My sometimes Poem referat

My sometimes Poem

My sometimes poem

Sometimes I Sitting in my room
Looking out of the window
and I see nothing, because it is so dark outside,
because everything I see is your smiling face, where ever I look.

Sometimes I Sitting in my room
Starring to my phone
and I hear nothing,
because the only thing I want to hear is your voice.
But the only one who can hear you now is your new girlfriend.

Sometimes I Sitting in my room
Having to learn for an exam next day,
and I want to learn, but everything what is in my mind, isn´t maths, isn´t french,
the only thing what is in my mind is YOU.

Sometimes I Sitting in my room
thinking what you said on our last evening many days ago
You said we are friends forever. This was your last words for me.
No contact… And you said we are still friends?

Sometimes I Sitting in my room
Having my teddy in my arms
looking on my bed, where we cuddled a lot, laughed, talked and had just fun.
The only one who cuddles with me now is my teddy, but don´t you recognize??
Instead of my teddy I want YOU!!

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