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New York is a metropolis, the largest city in the USA, also nicknamed the Big Apple. It consist of Manhattan, the core of the New York city, Brooklyn , Bronx and Statue an Island.

For centures Ellis Island was the entrance gate for millions of emigrands from all over the world. The Statue of Liberty offered by the French people stands there as a symbol of democracy. New York is also the birth place of uncle Sam, the nickname for the typical citizen of the USA.

Therefore, New Yorkers have a tendency to look down on the rest of America as being rather primitive, saying that Manhattan is an island off the coast of America. New York is a dream of American life, by its sky-scrapes, the Philharmonic, Bronx- the heart of jazz, the Museum of Natural History, and so forth.

Times Square, like Wall Street and Fifth Aventue, is one of those New York addresses that is famous the world over. Its main claim to fame is the massive neon billboards which have led historians to argue that modern mass adversiting was born here. Yet, Times Square is also the heart of New York's theatre distings, 44 legitimate theatres- Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller were producing their best work- otherwise known as Broadway. As of that wasn't enough, the Square is home to THE NEW YORK TIMES.

In terms of its size and beauty, Central Park is the envy of cities the world over. Race relations in America may be as bad as ever but Central Park has come bouncing back.

It has a playground where locals of all ages can go fishing and sunbathing. Throughout the city, slammer parks are being transformed from havens for low-lifes into places where normal people can go and relax. Even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis used to go jogging in Central Park every day.

Midtown: 57th Street

57th Street is the home of the Russian Tea Room an Cargenie Hall. Entertaining "theme" restaurants are springing up all the time. Planet Hollywood, whose owners are Arnold Schwarzeneger, Bruce Willis and Silverster Stallone, offers good American fare, you can eat surrounded by movie memorabilia like the costume that Judy Garland wore in THE WIZARD OF OZ, Kim Basinger's handcuffs from 9 ½ WEEKS and Arnold Schwarzeneger's Terminator face. The street's olders theme restaurant is the Hard Rock Café. The starting point for one of New York's laterst and most entertaining tourist attractions is the "Rock and Roll Tour NY".

Downtown: SoHo

In many respects, SoHo South of Huston Street") is a part of Manhattan that has been up-and-coming for sometime. It was once an area of light industry, then the artists started  to move in, turning the buidings into studious. By the 1980s SoHo was the centre of the New York-and world- art scene. It had also became a good place for clothes shops.

Places to visit

An interesting place to visit is the US Military Academy at the West Point, or you can watch a game of the Yankee's Baseball Teem in the BRONX.

In February you can attend the Winter Carnaval, or you can attend a horse race in summer.

After the tragical event on September 11th 2001, New York also became a symbol of communication among its citizens. The mayor of New York at that time gave the city a sense of leadership and self-confidence among the US cities.

New York is the home of United Nations!!!

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