All Dressed in White


When should you start looking for your dream outfit?' When you visit any bridal store the wedding dresses you try on are samples. Once you have chosen a style, then the shop will take your measurements, order one gown especially for you, and then arrange a schedule of fittings. Beware! Ordering and fitting can take up to 16 weeks, so you need to plan well in advance, look for a dress early and allow time for final adjustments to your gown when it arrives.


When it comes to floral arrangements at your wedding, there are no rules. However, many brides opt for a bridal bouquet at the very least, together with matching flowers for the bridesmaids. See our "Florists Section" for your local florist. 46343eso54nyl8k


You an chose floral decorations for pews, stands and pillars in the church, as well as for the entrance. Remember that you will need to ask for permission, and check whether there are any areas that you can't decorate.

At the reception you can continue any theme, and the colours from the church, with table decorations and flower arrangements around the dining area. This theming can even extend to the cake, with a garland of fresh flowers.

If you are arranging a floral decoration in a hired venue, once again you will need to speak to the owner or manager to obtain permission and to check any specific requirements. sy343e6454nyyl

Some florists are specialists in providing wedding arrangements, and will have plenty of seasonal ideas to match the time of year and your chosen colour scheme.

When you first meet your florist it is a good idea to take along a picture of your dress and the attendants' outfits, a sample of the dress material, and, if you can, a sample of the stationery. These will convey the style of the wedding, and will help the florist to select appropriate flowers. Plan to see your florists two or three months prior to your wedding to discuss what you requre. Even if you intend to make up the arrangements yourself, the florist

will have some helpful advice on which flowers to order.


Unless you intend to have your newlywed bride and groom photographs taken after the wedding day, you only get one chance to get it right, so be very careful when you choose your photographer. Quality should be the priority. A quailified professional photographer will be able to show you the style and quality of their work beforehand. Ask to see samples from a previous wedding presented in an album.

A good photographer's work will tell the story of the wedding day, and will be much more than a series of photographs. Be careful because price dose't always reflect quality!

You may have already seen the work of a photographer you would like to use. Otherwise you can look in the Yellow pages. But do look for the letters LBIPP, ABIPP, or FBIPP after the photographer's name to make sure that they are professionally qualified.

One of the advantages of the FBIPP is that they also hold regional seminars for their members, which means that they will probably be up-to-date on the latest styles and techniques.

Qualified photographers tend to specialise, and it therefore makes sense to choose someone who specialises in weddings. A local photogapher will know the venue, and should know where to get the best shots. Ideally you need to visit the church or location with the photographer to discuss what you would like. If the weather is going to make difference to your photography then decide on your alternatives. Good photographers are likely to get booked up early, so try to allow six months for planning.


When you are looking around for wedding transport it will soon become apparent that you can choose between an enormous variety of vintage and modern four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles or, alternatively, four hooves!

When you are looking for aternatives, don't simply rely on a photograph, as scale and colour can be misinterpreted.

Take the trouble to go and look at the vehicle, and consider the obvious:

Will you be able to get in and our easily, and without too much embarrassment. If your dress is quite full, will you fit in comfortably or will guests only be able to see a mass of material bunched up against the window. Does it look like the owner or company keep it clean and polished, or will they arrive with dirty seats showing signs of the previous wedding !

The colour of the car you choose is very important. How will it look in photographs !

Unless you are getting married in pure white, a white car can make a cream or ivory dress look dirty in photographs.

Depending on the service offered, ribbon and flowers may be provided as standard, but ask anyway - especially if you want specific colours. Owners of vintage cars and carriages will probably want to use their own silk flowers, as fresh ones can stain and mark the interior. It is worth considering your options in case there is an unavoidable problem with the vehicle. It may break down for instance! Does the company have other cars that could be used as an alternative.

If your wedding is on a Saturday then there is a good chance that you will need to book up to a year in advance in order to secure the car that you want. When you have booked the vehicle make a date to meet them again two to three weeks, before the big day to ensure they have the correct times, addresses and route.