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"Politics is a dirty business!"  We absolutely agree on this statement. In the following we will present evidences to support our opinion.

Firstly to proof this we discovered that that the German President gets elected only by the parliament but the citizens don't have any real influence on his / her election.

In politics it is also very important to have a good appearance in public because even if the concept might be good, the way the politicians look like is a big part, which demonstrates how good you are and therefore might change the elector's opinion. If you look at Angela Merkel for example, a member of the CDU, you will recognize that she already has some disadvantages because of her look but she has some good ideas about how to and what to change to improve German politics. Politicians also don't really have any privacy because they get observed from somebody like the journalists all the time. So they also have to appear in a goodly manner and in a nice way to not be drawn into a bad light. An example for the observations 24 hours 7 days a week is Anna Lindt, the former Swedish Foreign Minister who got stabbed in public and died later.

Politics is also a pretty dangerous occupation, which one could recognize by the slapping that our chancellor Gerhard Schöder got into his face, just as Guido Westerwelle did. So if people get angry with the politicians and if they got a chance to show it, they might just do it and even pass the security.

The occupation they have is not very fair sometimes because not everybody agrees on the things they are practicing to be right. Therefore they have to try very hard and fight for their own opinion to make it become reality. And they especially have to stand the attacks of the opposing parties and members where an example might be the Prime Minister's Question Time in the House of Parliament in Great Britain. In this the members of Parliament seek information from the Prime Minister but a pretty unfair manner and almost combat. The opposing parties basically are just trying to put the other one down with their questions.

George W. Bush jr., the current President of the United States of America: He is the son of the former US-President George W. Bush sr.. George Bush jr.'s whole life was influenced by the position of his father. For example he got into elitist universities although his achievements wouldn't have been good enough to get into those universities without the advantages his daddy gave to him. G. W. Bush sr. has many connections to donators and other people in high positions with which he influenced the outcome of the election for Presidency in 2000 in which G. W. Bush jr. won although the votes were not to be counted the right way. So they cheated with the help of 'daddy's friends' to create the outcome of the election in the way they wanted it to be.

Money is also a very important point in politics: One needs a whole lot of money for campaigns, and in order to finance it they do usually get money from donators and therefore (sometimes) have to represent their donator's opinion because they simply depend on the donators. A mistreated donation for example is the CDU-donation affair in which an unknown person put a very high amount of money (around some millions) away to a Swiss bank in order to avoid the very high taxes, which they would have to pay for this amount over here in Germany. They don't want to announce the donator's name so that one could assume that they don't stick to their political concepts but take action after the wishes and expectations of the donators, somehow. But there are also many corruptions.

Rudolph Scharping paid some flights and other amusements with German tax money although those were private actions. Therefore he betrayed the honest taxpayers and the government including his party. If only one member of a party does something wrong it falls back onto the whole party, so the politicians really have to take care to behave well and not to d bad things in public.      One could also say that Rudolph Scharping abused his power. Examples for this statement are also the leader of Northern Korea and other communists and dictators such as Hitler, Stalin or Fidel Castro. Germany started to regulate those happenings in this country but communism still exists in other countries around the world, especially in the poor third world countries.

To sum it up: we will conclude our statements with strongly agreeing on the thesis once again.