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There are a variety of relationships in our daily life, they can be short, between two people meeting on the street and just saying “Hello” or they can be formal, between business people that are having a meeting to decide something.

The most important relationships are and will always be the relationships between lovers and relations inside the family.

**The family is, from the beginning of mankind, one of the most important points in a person’s life. The family is the one you belong to, the family is the first you are missing when you are far away and the one you feel that you can lean on when you feel lonely, and the family should surely be the place where you feel home, no matter where you are. Unfortunately it often happens that families fall apart, parents are breaking up and the children are being raised only with one family part, or it can happen even worse when the man starts to beat the woman and the children are growing up in such bad surrounding that they are getting violent or depressive, in young years. 37774vdh97nqr6j

Another reason for family quarrels can be when someone doesn’t agree with a marriage. It can happen that parents, still having their own old mentality, are not agreeing with bringing someone of a different color, culture or religion into the family. And it often ends with a split, family members are getting to lose contact one with another and then they are not talking for years, maybe until it is too late.

WE THINK that anyone who ever felt the warmth and happiness of a loving family is praising this and should do everything that is required to keep the family relationship working well, because without the loved ones we would feel lonely in this world.

**The relationship between lovers is without any doubt the most complicated and interesting of all relationships between 2 people.

Probably the most beautiful is the one where you are getting back all the love and trust you are giving to your partner. When you feel that your lover means the whole world for you and that your life would be senseless without that person to make it bright, when you can’t think of something else than the happiness you’re feeling, then you know you’ve found your perfect match. dq774v7397nqqr

But there can’t be only great moments in a relationship, lovers can lose the trust they once had, or the affection they felt and suddenly even the most perfect looking relationship can turn in time into a real nightmare. You’re starting to see only bad things and habits of the loved person and you forget to praise all the good sides you once adored so much, the love you felt turns into routine and the risk of finding someone else or being cheated rises fast.

From another point of view relationships can be only for having fun together, without any emotional implications from any side and maybe this kind of relationships is good too, in a way, just that both partners should take into account that it will never be something serious and then they can be sure no one will be hurt.

WE THINK that for a good working relationship between lovers both sides should be open to talk about anything, to trust the other completely and do so that the other can trust you too, with full heart and to try to not cover the partner with too much love and not try to control him/her because we all need free space to feel independent and free, even in the most serious relationship. And if the love is true and deep nothing will ever tear lovers apart.

In our survey we asked 25 teenagers about what they think that is more important in a relationship, love or trust and the result was that only 20% think that love is the most important factor and 80% think that trust is what a relationship needs first of all, for a good working.

**Relationships between parents and children are often difficult, mostly when the children are growing up. Getting older means for most of us knowing more, understanding what in the past were just mysteries and starting to explore new things on our own.

Teens are trying to be independent, to find their own style in clothes, attitude or acting and it can happen that exploring causes bad actions, wanted or innocently done, and then parents are getting mad and start to control their children and step by step parents are taking away children’s personal free room, they are needing for a good growing of their future personality.

One of the worst problems between parents and their kids is the missing of communication, parents are not trying to understand us better, they are busy with their jobs and other “adult” problems from which we are totally kept away and when they are interested in something then only in grades and not in thoughts or ideas children do have. Not learning enough, not cleaning up our room, or just not being home on time are small things like those are causing conflicts, but there also are worse problems like smoking, consuming drugs, alcohol or leaving home that are often causing family splits.

WE THINK that even if sometimes or most of the times it is quiet hard to understand why parents are getting mad so easily or why some things are forbidden, children should try to accept parents’ decision because in the end we all know that parents are just wanting the best for us, but in the meantime parents should try too, to be a little more tolerant and to understand that nowadays the youth can’t be like the youth was at their time and that we are having at one side way more opportunities than they had, but at the other side we’re facing a way more complicated society with more problems and more and better ways to have fun and so, to get in danger.

In our survey we asked 25 teenagers if they are satisfied in the relationship they’re having with their parents. 60% told us the relationship is great and only 40% think that there could be something done better.

**The relationships between neighbors are mixed; they can be good or bad. Neighbors should be persons that you can live with together, and sure it would be perfectly if it could be like in those movies where neighbors are coming to borrow coffee or sugar from you and that are living together in piece but the reality is often not that bright. Neighbors are noisy, they are not rarely listening music on a high volume and when you try to tell them you would like to have your silence they get rude and the only way you can stop them is often just by calling the police. Neighbors can turn into enemies and when you are starting to trust them, they could go so far that they are stealing things from you. Neighbors’ animals are often driving your cat or dog crazy and in the worst case they are eating your animals’ food from your yard. These are only a few examples and we are sure there are more bad ones.

WE THINK that for a good working neighborhood you should have strict rules and try to get along with your neighbors, and maybe they are showing their nice side too, if not, then we recommend ignoring, because sometimes ignoring is way less stressing than to start a quarrel every time there is a conflict.

In our survey we asked the same 25 people about their relationship with their neighbors and the result amazed us because more than 70% said that the relationship with their neighbors is great and only 30% think that their neighbors could be better.

We presented here only some of the stereotypes of relationships that exist between people in every day’s life, but we considered that those presented above are the most important for our life and that these are making our life interesting, even if we face up problems sometimes.

By: Prorocu M.&Manolea L.

December 2,2002

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