The man of the Year 2003 referat

The man of the Year 2003

The Man of the Year

In our last issue we asked for the man of the year, and after studying all your letters, we are proud to present you last years man: Yesterday he celebrated his 35th birthday and he is the most successful formula one driver ever. I’m sure you know the man we are talking about, it’s Michael Schumacher. At the age of four he was the youngest driver at his local kart club and with the end of his schooling he began an apprenticeship as a mechanic at a garage. This led him to his deeper understanding of automobile functions and to his incredible victory in 1995 as he became the youngest double formula one world champion ever. This formed the first milestone on his road to fame; others were his four following championship titles from 2000 till 2003. Last year he even broke Manuel Fangio’s record of 5 championships, as he won his 6th. Congratulations to Mr. Schumacher and we hope that he’ll surprise us with many more successful laps…

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