Napoleon and the fight of Waterloo referat

Napoleon and the fight of Waterloo

The History of Napoleon and the Fight of Waterloo

In the evening of the 18th june in the year 1815 a meeting of emporer Napoleon and his general took place. There they spoke about their tactics in the following battle against the allianced army of the Prussians, English and Dutch.

With a size of 74 thousand men, including infantry, cavalary and units of Napoleon´s personal guards allthoug 80 guns he went into the fight.

His second Commander in Chief was Michélle Ney, a marchall, who distinguished himself during the campaign in Russia. In fact he was a very brave person, but he was unqualified to command troups alone during huge tactical operations. 

The end of the battle of aterloo Napoleon kno that he ha  no chance to vvin.

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