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Internet - Summary


Internet is know by everybody since 1995, but the setting up was in 1969. The name of the net in the seventies was Arpanet and it was developed for the military and the science. It serves just for communication.

In the seventies there was a boom because a lot of universities became connected to the Internet. The scientists detects the enormous advantage in fast communication one below the other. So a standardised language had been fixed. This language is called TCP/IP which means, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and it is still the norm.

In the eighties more and more programs had been developed for terminal connections. Some years later the text-oriented Gopher was finished. Gopher was predecessor of the World Wide Web. More an more software for amateurs were made, this allows everybody a connection to the Internet.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is a Hypertext system, which means that there are a lot of coloured words, called Hyperlinks. When you click on the Link you surf to an other site. This makes the WWW (W3) so easy and user-friendly. The Worlds Wide Web is the most popular service of the Internet. A lot of people don’t know any other service, except for eMail.

The description language of the WWW is the Hyper Text Markup Language, called HTML.

There are a lot of search engines in the World Wide Web, to get information about special things. The most famous search engines are Altavista, Yahoo, Infoseek and Lycos. All of these have got forms to enter the search word. For a more precision result you could combine some words.


Electronic Mail, called eMail, is a modern form of communication. It’s fast, efficient, easy and cheap.

eMail has got an own protocol, like the other services. The protocols are Post Office Protocol and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, called SMTP. SMTP couldn’t send and receive messages in HTML design, just plain-text. To use the HTML function, you have to install the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME). New eMail programs install this extension themselves.

When you want to compose an eMail, you have fill in the following forms:







The Internet is a brilliant invention for everybody. Everybody is able to surf in the World Wide Web or send messages to friends. It helps you to pass the time, for your education, and so on.

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