Learn from everything - a very beautiful poem - Learn from the rivers how to stay in one place, Learn from the flames that everythings just ashes(To learn from what dies to live forever) referat

Learn from everything


Learn from the rivers how to stay in one place,

Learn from the flames that everything’s just ashes, 59585qyk86udd9z

Learn from the shadow how to shut up and listen,

Learn from the rock how to watch without blinking,

Learn from the Sun how you should talk,

Learn from the rock how you should say it, yd585q9586uddd

Learn from the wind which bows through the path,

How you, through life should quietly pass

Learn from all that everything’s your sister

How you should go through life, how you should die

Learn from the worm that one one’s insignificant,

Learn from the water lily to be clean,

Learn from the flames what we have to burn inside our souls,

Learn from the waters never to back down,

Learn from the shadow to be as humble as her,

Learn from the rock how to endure the harsh storm,

Learn from the Sun that it’s time to know,

Learn from the sky that there are many posts,

Learn from the grasshopper how to sing when you’re alone,

Learn from the moon not to be afraid,

Learn from the vultures when you are overwhelmed with responsibilities,

And go to the ant and see her arduous work,

Learn from the flower to be as beautiful as her,

Learn from the sheep to be as mild as her,

Learn from the birds to always be on the go,

Learn from everything that everything passes,

Take in mind son of the sacrificed what world you’re leaving in

To learn from what dies to live forever.

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