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Nowdays, new technologies make us forget about nature. The Earth, also known as The Green Planet is threatened by man. People have polluted the sea, the air; they have made and used atomic bombs.

Part one- Wildlife

By the year 2030, about 25% of all the animals and birds may be extinct.

The first reason is POLLUTION of the animals’ habitat. Millions of animals die every year because man has polluted their natural habitat.

The second reason is HUNTING.

The third reason is that there’s too LITTLE SPACE for animals to live in. Every year man cuts down more trees and builds more roads.

Part two- Pollution

Two serious pollution problems are:

ACID RAIN. Gases and chemicals mix with water in the air. The mixture travels for hundreds of miles and finally falls back on earth. Because in contains a lot of chemicals it kills fish and trees.

THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Some gases and chemicals stay in the air like a blanket around the world. Because of this blanket, the Earth’s climate is getting hotter.

Part three- Animals in danger

Today there are a lot of rare animals under the threat of extinction:

The Mountain Gorilla. There are probably about 600 mountain gorillas left in Central Africa. They don’t have enough forests to live in.

The Black Rhinoceros. All rhinos are extremely rare today. But the black rhino, which lives mainly in Zimbabwe, is the most threatened by the illegal trade in rhino horn. There may be less then 3500 alive today.

The African Elephant. Once there were millions of elephants in Africa. Today only about 600000 are left They are killed for their ivory.

The Yangtze River Dolphin, also known as Baiji River Dolphin. There are only about 300 left in China. They are threatened by pollution, hunting and motorboat traffic.

Part four- Poem

Don’t kill the world                                Don’t kill the world

Don’t let her down                                 She’s all we have

Do not destroy the basic ground            And surely is worth to save

Don’t kill the world                                Don’t let her die

Our means of life Fight for her trees

Lend ear to Nature’s cry.                       Pollution robs air to breathe.

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