A letter referat

A letter about Ireland


I will tell you something about a girl who is called Susan. She is from London and twenty years old.

Susan was one week in Ireland and wrote a letter to her friend Daisy.

Now I am reading it out to you:

Hello Daisy,

How are you? I’m fine. At the moment I am in Ireland, but tomorrow I am going to return to England/London.

I visited some sights and I learned something about this country. Do you know something about Ireland, don’t you? I will change this fact.

The Republic of Ireland has a population of 3,797,257 including Dublin, its capital city, having a population of 953,000. The island of Ireland, including Northern Ireland, has a total population of somewhere in the region of 5 million. About two-thirds of Irish people live in cities or large towns and 1.2 million living in the wider Dublin area. Unemployment is currently at around 3,6 per cent. Overall, the population is quite young with 41 per cent under the age of 25 and 24 per cent younger than15.

On Monday I was at my grandma’s who lives in Wexford. She had baked Scones. They tasted very well. Do you know what Scones are? They are a kind of biscuits containing marmalade and cream.

On Tuesday I watched a Hurling match. It was really exciting! Hurling is the oldest country sport and one of the fastest team games in the world. It is a game similar to hockey, which is played with a small ball and a curved wooden stick.

On Wednesday I visited Dublin. In the centre of this city is the 'Phoenix Park' and that’s the biggest city park in Europe! There’s also the 'Dublin Zoo' and you can see over 700 kinds of animals and tropical birds. Dublin was founded by the Vikings.

Later I met my friend Lauren and we visited the 'Irish national folk Theatre'. The play was great. I liked it. The theatre is in the county Kerry.

Ireland is divided into four provinces, Ulster, Munster, Leister and Connaught, as well as in 32 counties. Ireland has 26 counties, Northern Ireland only 6.

After our visit at the theatre we stayed in the Temple bar and talked.

On Thursday I went on a golf course. In Ireland playing golf is a national sport and there are over 400 golf courses.

In the evening I visited an Irish Pub. Here it isn’t allowed to drink alcohol for underage people. I drank a pint beer (circa 0,57l) and I had to pay 4 €. I think that’s pretty expensive. What’s your opinion?

The rain somehow belongs here. In a brochure I read Ireland’s climate is mild over the whole year. It can rain violently but these showers are often very short. It doesn’t snow very often.

Yesterday the 'Northern Ireland festival of Racing' took place at the Down Royal in Lisburn. I’m interested in riding and after the event I was shopping in Belfast. I joined in a guided city tour. In the Cathedral Quarter is the St Anne’s Cathedral with its wonderful window paintings. So I got to know Northern Ireland and its capital city Belfast.

This morning I went for a walk. Ireland has a beautiful countryside and you can see a lot of herds of sheep on the green lawns. I was impressed and took some photos. Unfortunately my feet have been so sore after this long walk.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to visit the 'Punchestown National Hunt Festival' in Dublin. Do you like horse races? In Ireland is riding very popular.

Then in the evening I ‘m going to come back. I’m looking forward to meet you again!


Adrian Enache