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The „American Dream“ is alive and well. For over a century, the idea that America can offer its people the best and most prosperous lifestyle on our planet has attracted million of immigrants. This dream consists of a genuine and determined belief that in America, all things are possible to all men, regardless of birth or wealth. In this essay I will discuss what the central idea of the American Dream is.

There is no clear definition for the term “American Dream”. However, it is the truth that even there is no precise interpretation, the Dream is still a strong motivation factor in today’s USA. For many, the Amercian Dream means owning a nice house, particularly those whose parents migrated to the USA, it means having opportunities that their parents did not have. For others, the Dream expresses a trip back down memory lane, to a supposed Golden Age of America somewhere in the past. A small minority assumes, following in the Martin Luther King tradition, the American Dream is the wish of a better and more just society. For the most Americans it is a dream of personal achievement and material success.

The American Dream has been centered around material prosperity. In American society it was and is essential to have a successful career, a family, a big car and a showy house with a white fence. Status symbols and prestige are significant aspects of the American way of life. From the fifties to the seventies, the classic icon of the American Dream was the Cadillac, the most expenxive American production car. It was a symbol of wealth.

The American Dream should mean the right of the individual to become wealthy. Although the second paragraph of the Amercan Declaration of Independence from 1776, states that “all men are created equal”, it does not say, nor even suggest, that they should remain equal. So while equality of rights and equality of opportunity are in theory at least fundamental values of American life, social equality is not. Blacks and Hispanics do not have the same opportunities as white people. If you are a young person, with black or hispanic origine, born to a sinlge mother living somewhere in a urban gettho, it is more than probable that your dreams will never be more than dreams. Americans have a tradition of respect and consideration for material wealth and success, and for those who do well and become rich. just as long as their wealth is a result of hard work or successful business operations. 48399eir51kzy9y

Slogans that are characteristic for the American Dream and people, who get it, keep the Dream alive. Horace Greeley’s famous exhortation “Go West, young man” was an encouragement for people to go out and find new wealth and create prosperity, by becoming land owners and house owners in the New America. The set phrase “from a dishwasher to a millionaire” has became sombolic of many immigrants, and of course Americans, who make their dream come true. The best example is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He grow up in a little village in Austria. When he was fifteen he discovered his love for body-building. With daily hard work and strong enthusiasm he won several times the title “Mr. Olympia” and “Mr. Universum”. One day, he made the decision to migrate in “the country with the unequalled possibilties”.His film career started with the movie “Pumping Iron". Today he is not only a very excellent businessman, but also the gouverneur of California.

In conclusion, it may be said that the American Dream doesn’t mean, that only Americans or those, who immigratet in the United States, has the chance to get a better life. Some people, who immigrated in other countries, like Australia or South America, also get wealthy and happy. In general, here in Austria, everybody has also the same opportunities to achieve their aims. This is simply a question of ambition and industriousness. For me it is clear, that I don’t have to leave my native country for having success.

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