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Brave New World

This science fiction novel written by Aldous Huxley takes place in London in 632 A.F. (after Ford).

AF means Anno Fordii, who had produced his first T-Model car which was the first mass produced car in history.

In this story the world is divided into 10 sections, each one controlled by a so-called “World Controller”.

It shows life after 9 years of war and a great economic collapse.

Due to the total controlling of the world a “World State” and a “World Society” have been established.

In the first chapter you get knowledge of the fact that people are not born anymore, but they are produced in so-called “Hatchery and Conditioning Centre”.

Mr. Tomakin, the director of this centre, is leading a group of young students around and he shows them the Social Predestination room where workers create the social castes and where people get conditioned by sleep-teaching and electro-shocks till they are 12 years old. They do loud noises and electro-shocks that repeated lessons are strengthened in the minds of the babies.

Society is divided into different groups that have different specifications relating to their position and abilities in society. There are Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. Alphas do important work, they are very intelligent and their bodies are very strong and nice.

Epsilons are too stupid to be able to read or write and they are the only black-skinned group in World Society.

The mottos of the World State are “Community, Identity and Stability”.

Those three paroles mean that everybody can have sexual intercourse with everyone and that there are no moral duties. (Community)

“Soma”, a legalised drug stands for Stability, because everybody who has got problems is conditioned to take a dose of it to become happy again.

Identity is wanted and therefore everyone who does not conform to the rules that means who is too individual will be exiled.

Then, Lenina and Fanny are talking about Henry Foster and Bernard, two young men. Lenina is of the Beta, attractive, popular and the companion of Henry Foster.

Bernard Marx is extremely interested in her. One day Lenina goes on a trip with Bernard to the Savage Reservation that is a place where people from former time (e.g.: our world) live.

There people still are born, believe in religion, get married and grow old. These Reservations are strictly separated from the Society.

When they arrive at the “normal world” John welcomes them and shows them the life forms of the Savage people.

It turns out that John is the son of the Director Tomakin and Linda, a woman who disappeared 25 years ago, when the Director went on a vacation with Linda where she had hit her head and he returned to civilization without her.

She had no chance to escape and since she has had a live birth she has lived in the Reservation.

John feels unhappy and alone and Bernard invites him to return to London with Linda and him. Bernard enjoys presenting Linda and John the “Society” because of this failure, Bernard is now the big man on campus.

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