Grupa 1 - 322


My composition is about the strange thing at the way of beeing of the teenage daughters who joke with their parents.

I will try to discuss this situation from different ways.If we look at this problem from the point of view of any person who is not from that

family and who took part of a kind of this manifestation I think they would believe that daughters have been educated and grew up very good and in consequence these were not self-posessed, but I think they would believe that them parents have a lot of guilty even if this is not always

like this.There were and will be cases when not the parents are those who contribuate in theirs daughters way of beeing but, for exemple, the anturaje .For the parents the opinions are much more .So there are some of them who encourage these jokes and they respond if you ask them why they do that that is good for a girl to be good in speeking ,but other parents don't enjoy laughing of them so they try unsuccesfully to stop these situations. From the other hand the girls who make this are or not self-posessed ,and they do not say this it is so and make it again and again,or them parents are agree with that .Unfortunly most of the teenagers do like this thinking this is not a bad thing ,and them parents seem to accept this saying that them children aren't like them when they were at them age.

In conclusion , from my point of view, because I am not agree with this way the most teenagers act I could say we must respect our parents and do everything to make their life , so hard, more pleasant , but never to make jokes with them .

Let's think we will be as them sometime !!!