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the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef 1) The general things: The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest connected coral reef formation of the world. It`s a garden under the sea. There are 1,500 different kinds of fish. There are also snails and shells. Some shells are danger for people because they are "giftig" The coral reef is very colourfull and there are over 400 kinds of corals. Tropical fruit and flowers grow on beautifull islands. Many people said that the coral reef is the 8th world miracle. 2) The origin: The Great Barrier Reef are over 20 million years old. It consists of lime skeletons of billion small coral polyps,they have them deposit billion years ago. Corals are growing on lime rests of his predecessors. To growing up they need warm shallow water with many minerals. The name "Great Barrier Reef" came from Matthew Flinders , he made a map of the coral reef in the 19th century. The sea street, wich he had discovered is called "Flinders street". 3) The position: The Great Barrier Reef is in front of the coast of Queensland. It consist 3000 reef groups. Around the Barrier Reef are 900 isles. It´s not surprising that many holiday-makers come to Queensland every year. For the protetion of the reef are just a few isles release for the tourists. The beach of the Great Barrier Reef are 2000km long and goes between 30 to 260 kilometres in the ocean. 4) The death: The Great Barrier Reef will die, because a starfish is eating up the corals. The scientists haven´t found any solution an said that the coral reef will die in 20 or 30 years cause the coral reef bleach.

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