The history of the Statue of Liberty referat

The history of the Statue of Liberty

Why I choose this topic?

I choose this topic because I heard very good things about the Statue of Liberty from people who were there. I like it also because it is a very big sign for freedom and so I

can learn more about the history of america.

And now I will tell you something about the history of the statue of liberty.

The statue was a gift from the french people to the american people because of

the american declaration of independence. The idea of a statue had the proffesor edourd de laboulaye. The statue was a joint effort between america and france and it was agreed upon that the american people were to build the pedestal and the french people were ressponsible for the statue and its assembly in the united states.

However, lack of founds was a problem on both sides of the atlantic ocean.

Construction of the statue began in france in the year 1875, by sculptor Auguste Bartholdi.The Statue of Liberty was build with the help of tons of workers working ten hour days, seven days a week for nine years!

The final completion of the sections was in june of 1884. Engineering of the structure's assembly was done by Gustave Eiffel. The french ship ' Isere' trasported the statue from france to the united states. In transit the statue was reduced to 350 pieces and packed in 214 crates. On october 28th in 1886 the statue of liberty was official unvelled on Bedloe's Island. President Grover Cleaveland excepted the statue on behalf of the united states ans said in part: 'we will not forget that liberty here made her home'. Over the next 100 years it became perhaps that next most well-known landmark. The Statue of Liberty is located in New York. She symbolizes freedom throughout the world.

This Statue represents a woman escaping the chains of tyranny. She holds a torch, which represents liberty. The Statue's full name is Liberty Enlightening the World. The Statue of liberty has stood as a welcoming symbol to millions of immigrants to the united states and for a new life and a new country for more than hundred years.

And some facts about the statue of liberty to the end:

The arm holding the torch measures 46 feet (14 meters); the index finger, 8 feet (2.4 meters); the nose, nearly 5 feet (1.5 meters).

Standing 151 feet above New York Harbor since 1886, the ferry brings you to her feet on Liberty Island. If you want to climb the 354 step narrow winding staircase inside the Statue, get there early, long lines can mean a 3-hour ascent.

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