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British system of government

British system of government

In Britain the head of state is a king or a queen.

He or She, this time it is Queen Elizabeth the second, has no real power. She signs the laws, which are made by the members of the House of Commons. And the speech she makes every year when parliament is opened is written by the prime minister. She is only a representative.

The Queen appoints the Prime Minister and the members of the house of lords.

The Prime Minister is the most powerful man in Britain. This time the prime Minister in England is Tony Blair.

He is the leader of the strongest party in parliament. The Prime minister chooses the Cabinet Ministers, who are very powerful. There is for example one minister of trade or one minister of health. The cabinet ministers make the most important laws.

There are two houses of parliament in Britain. The House of Lords, which consists of 670 Lords, bishops and people, who have been made lords for hole life is not as important as the House of Commons, which consists of 651 politicians, who are elected by the people.

The members of the House of commons make the laws.

The members of the House of commons and as a consequence the Prime Minster are elected by every Briton over 18. A few centuries ago for example woman were not allowed to vote. But since the revolution of 1688 they are entitled to vote.

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