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James Joyce

James Joyce (his full name was James Augustine Aloysius Joyce) was a modern author, living in the 20th century.

He was for sure one of the most radical innovators of twentieth-century writing.

* 2.2.1882 in Rathgar (a suburb of Dublin)

- studied philosophy and language in Dublin

- he lived in Dublin, Trieste, Zürich and Paris

- 1905-1915 James Joyce worked as an English teacher      

in Trieste

- 1914 he began to work on his greatest achievment;


- in 1930 James Joyce became almost blind

- he died in Zürich, 13.1.1941

James Joyce’s works:

1907 Chamber Music (poems)

1914 Dubliners

1916 Portrait of the  artist as a young man

1918 Exiles (his only play)

1922 Ulysses

1927 Pomes Penyeach

1939 Finnegan’s Wake

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