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The Renaissance

The Renaissance is usualy defined as the rebirth of painting and literature inspired by classical models,especially those of ancient

Greece.The Renaissance lasted from the fifteenth to the sixteenth century and its centre was Italy.The great artists of the period, who

Include Michelangelo,Leonardo and Botticelli, were able to paint nature and people with great accuracy.

More than any orther style, the works of the Italian Renaissance can be seen is museums collections throughout the world.


The name comes from a picture by Monet,Impression ,Sunrise(1872).This painting shows Monet’s interest in analysing tone and colour and ,above all, the way light reflects on the surface of objects.As a result, the objects do not alwys have a clear cultine. The first Impressonist exhibition was held in 1874 when Monet, Renoir, Cezanne,Dagas and others announced that the aim of the movement was to achieve greater naturalism in painting.

Most Impressionist pictures are of landscapes and the Impressionists liked to use bright colours,even when portraying shadows; this often gives their work a joyful , optimistic feel.

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