Civil War and Slavery in the US referat

Civil War and Slavery in the US


vIt all startet it 1618

vThe first slaves were brought to Virginia by British settlers

vThe first laws to own a slave were written down in Massachusetts in 1641

vAt the beginning, most of them were bought to work on fields in the south and in the houses of the white settlers, mostly in the north of Amerika 39613jio47ihk8z

vThe „Owners“ werde allowed to do everything with their slaves, even killing them was not illegal up to the 19th century

vIn 1808, everybody thought, slavery would soon end

vThen cotton- tobacco- and cropindustrie startet to grow to a huge and important economic part

vMore Slaves werde sold as workers ih613j9347ihhk

vSome thought it was good to have slaves and some prohibited slavery


vAbraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860

v11 States left the union and named themselves the Confederate States of Amerika

vThe Civil war had begun

vAmerika was seperated in 2 Parts: The North, against slavery and the South, supporting slavery

v4 years later the CSA surrendered and slavery was set to an end

civil War:


vStarted in April 12, 1861 - At 4:30 a.m

vFord Sumter was attacked first

vHundrets ands thousands of people die at the „bull runs“ in
July 21 1861 and August 29/30 1862

vOther battles in Gettysburg, Chatanooga, Cold Harbour and Chancellorsville

vIn April 9 1856 General Lee surrenders with the Confederate Army and the Civil War between North and South is over

vApril 14 1856 Licoln got shot by John Wilkes Both

vOver 620.000 Amerikans died in the war

vWith the end of the War, it is set an end to the slavery in Amerika


vThe 2-Part America: Northern States and the Southern ConfederateStates: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina

v Southern States featured economy based on agriculture, thats why they needed the slaves, to work on their fields

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