Colorado referat



'The Centennial State'


Bill Owens

Population and geography:

capital: Denver

important cities: Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Pueblo

neighbouring states: Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah

104,000 square miles (8th largest state in the U.S.)

population: 4,300,000 people

39 persons per square mile

highest elevation of any state


300 days of sunshine

1st snow in September, usually snowing somewhere in the state except August


16th century - visited by Spanish explorers

1706 - claimed for Spain by Juan de Ulibarri

1803 - the U.S. got eastern Colorado as part of the Louisiana Purchase

1845 - the U.S. got central portion with the admission of Texas as a state

1848 - the U.S. got western Colorado as a result of the Mexican War

1876 - 1st August, joining the Union as the 38th state


tourism, especially the ski industry, and service-producing industries

mining (oil, gas, coal, metal)

agriculture and farm industry (corn, hay, wheat)

home to companies that control half of the nation's gold production

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