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Concrete Streets

When I was almost fifteen I met a boy his name was Pete. He was eighteen.

My father lost his job soon after I met Pete so things startet to go wrong at home.

One day I had a terrible row with my father and he threw me out and told me not to come back.

Pete said we could go to London and stay with his friends who had great jobs there.

Things started to go wrong there because Pete and I had nowhere to sleep and no real friends.

During the daytime we put all our things in rubbish bags and we´h hide them in the bushes behind our bench.

Then I started to be sick in the mornings and the doctor found out I was going to have a baby.

One day outside the underground statim (?) we bumped into the old gentleman who wanted to help us.

From that day on Pete was a different person and he started to leave me alone a lot.

One day I felt awful and when I opened my eyes a doctor told me I had lost the baby.

Then two policemen came and told me that Pete had been arrested for robbing houses.

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