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Dear Nobody

written by Berlie Doherty 

The book 'Dear Nobody' of Berlie Doherty deals with a teenage love between Helen and Chris. They both have big plans for the future, but then they find out that Helen is pregnant.

Can their relationship survive this pressure? Their families don't help much, and the two have to learn dealing with their new circumstances. To help herself to deal with the shock, her fears and her anger, Helen writes letters to her unborn baby which she calls Nobody.


1. Helen:

*18years old
*is in love with Chris
*would like to study in Manchester Music and Dance
*lives with her parents and her brother in a house
(she doesn't have a good relationship to her mother)
*she is pregnant
*she broke up with Chris after some time because she thought he wasn't ready for
a baby

2. Chris:

*plays the guitar
*lives with his father and his brother together
(at the beginning of the book he doesn't know his mother)
*he wrote a letter to his mother and get to know her and her friend
*he is in love with Helen, but not ready for the baby
*for him, the baby is 'Nobody'
*he would like to study English literature at Newcastle University

The book has the narrator Chris. Helen is like a second narrator, she tells her feelings and how she sees the situation in her “Dear Nobody” letters.
From the beginning to the ending of the book she writes more letters. The more she feels the baby inside her (or the birth comes closer) the more she writes the letters.

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