Why people take drugs for the first time ?

The "Weak Personality" Theory : Some people believe that people take drugs because they have a weak personality and because they are inadequate in some way. This theory says that drug-takers take drugs in order to escape from their problems .

The "Evil Pusher" Theory : This theory says that people take illegal drugs because a pusher tricks them into trying drugs so that he or she can make them addicted and then sell them drugs for a high profit .

The Pleasure Theory : This theory suggests that people take drugs because they like the effects .

The Rebel Theory : Other people believe that young people take drugs in order to rebel against their parents and against the rest of the society . This theory says that people take illegal drugs , just because it is not legal .

The In with the Crowd Theory : Another theory says that people take a drug if they want to belong to the crowd . Some people don´t like to feel different and like to be a pert in what other people are doing .

The because it is offered theory : Do people really have to have a strong reason to take a drug? Does everybody who takes alcohol or a cigarette have a reason ? Sometimes people do something just because they get the opportunity - so they might take a legal or illegal drug just because it is offered to them , even though they were not looking for the drug .  

Drugs :

Amphetamines , Cannabis , Cocaine , Crack , LSD , Heroin , Ecstasy 

Dangers of drugs  :

  • Having an accident while under their influence
  • Some drugs may depress or stop breathing
  • Accidental overdose can lead to unconsciousness or even death
  • Addiction or dependence , after regular use

In addition to these dangers , drugs can also have nasty side effects . They can bring on confusion and frightening hallucinations . They can cause unbalanced emotions or more serious mental disorders . First time heroine users are sometimes violently sick . Regular users may become constipated and girls can miss their periods . Later still , there may be more serious mental and physical deterioration . And if a drug user starts to inject , infections leading to sores , abscesses , jaundice , blood poisoning and even AIDS virus infection may follow .