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Dublin is situated in east Ireland. Near Dublin are the Wiklow Mountains and the river Liffey and the river Podell. It’s located by the Irish sea. Dublin is called Dublin because it’s founded there where the river Liffey and the river Podell came together, this place is called “Black pool” (Dub lin). When the Vikings came to Ireland in 841 Dublin grows up.

Now Dublin has about 1.000.000 people. The people are 1/3 of the people from whole Ireland. Dublin is the centre of industry, commerce and government. In Dublin is a seaport too. Moore street in Dublin is a famous market place. It’s near Henry streat. The street traders in Moore street have all loud voices, Molly Malone was a famous street trader. She lived in the 18th century in Dublin. Everywhere in Dublin you can hear music. The music is played by the musical talents who stand in the streets of Dublin. In the night you can go into a singing pub.

Dublin is the birthplace from Oscar Wild, James Joyce and George Bernhard Shaw. They all are famous authors. These three persons wrote about Dublin. They are important for Dublins history.

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