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EU Enlargement

The European Union's foreign ministers met at Luxembourg at the October the 25th and 26th to discuss enlarging their club. The European Commission proposed to open talks next year with the five Countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Estonia, as well as Cyprus. But there are many other countries like Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria which want to join as well. Some of these countries were considered to be beyond the pale. That is why the EU promised an annual review to see if each country is fit to begin negotiations. These countries should have the chance to catch up with the front runners but nobody knows if that is possible. However that is not the only problem. Cyprus the devided island is the next big problem. That is because the Greeks don´t want that other countries join the EU before the negotiation of the island have begun. Turkey applied several times. Due to the human rights record and the treatment of the Kurdish minority in Turkey were the entry talks put off for years. That is the difficult situation of the Enlargement of the EU.


All the countries which are outside the EU want to join as quick as possible. But there are several problems when the EU decides the way of rapid expansion. First the Expansion is very difficult because of the economic problems in the appplicant countries from Eastern Europe. These countries would need a lot of help to build up their economy. Due to the environmental problems in these countries there is also much to do. As a result of this arguments I would tend to a rather slow expansion. I also think that the EU has enough problems with the Euro-Project. The countries which are discussed won't be able to join the Euro-Zone and so they have enough time to develop their economic and solve their environment problems. When the countries join one after one it wouldn´t cost so much. I think these countries would also want a strong EU which is able to help with the several fonds and economic develope projects.

To expand is a good idea because the european market would enlarge. I also believe in the economic potential of the Eastern European countries. They only need some help to start into the free market. These countries would also enable the EU to compete with the USA and Asia. The problems with the human rights in these countries can be solved. I think that free market needs democratic forms of government and democracy helps to enable the people to fight for their rights. The national conflicts between some ethnic groups will get fewer and fewer. These problems will disappear in the EU and the different nationalities won´t be such important as in the National States. In the EU the different lobbies will be the counterpole.


I think that the EU should enlarge but this change needs time and much consideration.

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