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English Test: 3 June 2004 The future

I`ll phone you when I get home from work.

I want to see Margaret before she goes out.

We`re going on holiday tomorrow.I will tell you all about it when we come back.

Brian looks very different now. When you will see him again, you will not recognise him.

We must do something soon before it is too late.

I don`t want to go without you. I`ll wait until you are ready.

Sue has applied for the job but she isn`t very well qualified for it. I will be surprised if she gets it.

I`d like to play tennis tomorrow if the weather is nice.

I`m going out now.if anybody phones while I am out, can you take a message?

So / neither

1. I realy liked Lisbon. So did I.

2. I`m learning Arabic. So am I.

3. I don`t know anyone here. Neither do I.

4. I`ve never read a harry Potter book. Neither have I.

5. I can stand on my head. So can I.

6. I won`t be long. Neither will I.

I have done / I did

Our visitors have arrived. They`re sitting in the garden.

There`s still a problem with the television. Someone repaired it, but then it broken down again.

I have lost my bank card. I can`t find it anywhere.

The match has started. United are playing well.

My sister ran away from home. But she came back two days later.

Daniel earned some money last week. But I`m afraid he`s already spent it all.

We planted an apple tree in the garde. Unfortunately it died.

Prices have gone up. Everithing is more expensive this year.

Someone has turned on the hi-fr. What`s that song called?

I phoned the office at eleven to speak to the manager, but he isn`t there today.

I have made a cake. Would you like a piece?

The runner Amos Temila broke the world record fot the 1500 meters in Frankfurt. Then two days later in Helsinki, Lee Williams ran it in an even faster time.

Missing words

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for the birthday present you sent me. It is kind of you to remember my birthday. The sweater fits me perfectly and I love the colour. I`m going to use the money my grandmother gave me to buy some new trousers to go with it.

Have you been to the new shopping centre yet? Why don`t we go together this Saturday? I could come to your house at about 3 o`clock and then we cold take the bus from the end of your street.

I know you will like the shopping centre. It has a lot of really good clothes shops, great music stores, and an enormous bookstore. There`s a café where we can have ice cream, and, if we`ve got any more left, we can see a film at the cinema there.

I hope you can come. Phone me or write me an e-mail.



The correct place

Have you seen the Rotheko exhibiton?

How long have you known Joanna?

The post hasn`t arrived yet.

Peter has never been an a plane.

Have you ever had irish coffee?

Has Trish been to spain before?

I have already read this book.

The correct place

They say it will rain tomorrow.

A lion won`t attack an elephant.

Who will be at the meetig?

When will you have finished your exames?

I will have to talk to Jonathan about it.

The doctors think you will be able to go to work soon.

When will you be having lunch?

You will need to go on-line ta access the internet.

We won`t start eating until you get here.

The best answer

A: The phone`s ringing.

B: I`ll answer it.

A: What`s the weather forcast for the weekend?

B: It`ll be cold and wt.

A: Are you ready to order, sir?

B: Yes, I`ll have a Pizza Margherita, pleas.

A: How old are you?

B: I`ll be 29 next June.

A: What are your plans for the next weekend?

B: I`m going to paint the kizchen.

A: I need a lift to the station.

B: I`ll take you.

A: Can you come to lunch on Friday?

B: No, I`m meeting Dr Hockly at the airport.

A: Are we very late?

B: No, the concert starts at 8.30.

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