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My topic is Florida!

My presentation is made up of 3 parts.

First I give you some information about Florida,

After that I will talk about Daytona Beach and

Finally I will present you Sea World in Orlando.

Information about Florida:

Florida is a south-east state in the United States of America. The neighbour states are in the north of Florida Alabama and in the north-west Georgia. In the east is the Atlantic Ocean and in the west is the Gulf of Mexico.

The capital of Florida is Tallahassee. Tallahassee is a town with 528.000 inhabitants. The biggest towns are Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami.

In Florida live over 13 million people. About 80% are white people, 10% are black and 9% are Hispanics.

The name Florida comes from the Spanish and means “Flowers”. Florida has the nickname “The sunshine state”, because the sun is often shining.

The state is half as big as Germany.

Now I show you Florida, on the map of the USA.

And this is the map of Florida.

Daytona Beach:

Daytona Beach is in the east of Florida.

The beaches of Daytona Beach offer breathtaking beauty and water related fun.

This Beach has a very long coast.

Here is a picture of Daytona Beach

It is the only beach in completely Florida, on which driving cars. Cars at the beach have tradition in Daytona.  A mega event is “Daytona 500” it is the biggest car- racing in the world. You can compare this car- racing with the Formel 1. Daytona 500 is every year in February.

- here are 2 picture about Daytona 500! 

Then a few weeks later is for 10 days the bike week. It is called “Daytona 200”. It is the biggest bike week in the year. Thousand biker fans come to this big event. Daytona 200 is every year from February till March.

Here is a picture from Daytona 200!

After this bike week is in March the “spring of the Break”, because then break thousand of students into the city and celebrate Parties at the beach. Place enough give it for all.

In November is a beach section under special protection, because at night swim sea- turtles from the sea to the bank and put their eggs into nests, which dug them into the warm sand of the dunes. Two month later hatch innumerable young turtles and look for the way back into the ocean.

Sea World Orlando:

Orlando lies in Central of Florida.

In Orlando gives many variety entertainment parks. For example Sea World- the sea zoo- it is an adventure park with many sea animals for example sharks, whales and dolphins. And it gives many wild animals for example lions. In Sea World have you the chance to feed these wild animals.

Sea World has a big rollercoaster it is called “The Kraken”. This rollercoaster has seven loopings and is the biggest in Florida.

The first picture is the slogan from Sea World.

At the second and third can you see pictures at a dolphin show in Sea World

And in the fourth picture is the rollercoaster “the Kraken”

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