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Food Eating is fun, especially when you are hungry. Most people have a favourite food. Some people enjoy eating sweet things like chocolate, cake and ice cream.Other people enjoy savoury foods like cheese and meat. Food helps us to keep warm. It also gives us the energy to walk talk, run, and the other things we do. Food helps us to grow and to stay healthy.Some food is grown in this country, for example potatoes, apples ect. But food can also come from other countries, as oranges, bananas, olives and ect.Our body needs energy to work, to play, to move and to talk. We also use some of this energy to keep our bodies warm and we must give our bodies the right kind of fuel. This is food.In our bodies food is slowly burned. Scientists call the food which gives our body energy, carbohydrates and fat.Most of the carbohydrates we eat come from plants. These carbohydrates are mainly starch and sugar. Cakes, jam, potatoes and bread contain a lot of carbohydrates and they are foods which give us plenty of energy. Fats give us even more energy. Fats can come from animals or plants. Margarine, butter and cooking oil are fats.The body can make its own fats. It does this when we eat more food than we really need.Then our body stores this extra food as fat. Some of this fat is useful because it keeps us warm. Some of this can give us energy if we haven´t eaten for a long time. But when you have too much fat in our body your heart has to do extra work to allow us to carry this fat around.We also eat proteins when we eat lean meat, fish, nuts, beans and peas. Proteins help your body to repair damaged parts and it makes it possible that muscels and bones can grow.Proteins keep our body strong and give it some energy.All people say you have to eat vitamins when you are ill. But why? Like minerals salts, vitamins keep us healthy. Our body needs vitamins in tiny amounts. Some people buy pills or tablets that contain vitamins. But this isn´t really necessary, because most of us eat vitamins and salts in (with) food. Vitamins help all parts of the body to work properly and to stay healthy and some vitamins help keep our eyes ,skin healthy and make our blood vessels strong. In fresh fruit and green vegetables you can find Vitamin C. This vitamin keeps our skin and gums healthy. Fish, milk, butter ,cheese, margarine contain Vitamin D. This is only a vitamin we can make for ourselves when the skin get enough sunshine. Vitamin D helps your bones to grow stong and hard.Our body need water as well as solid foods. People have survived for a month or more without food. But we cannot stay alive without water. A large part of your body is made up of water. About two-thirds (66 %) as your body is water. We lose water when we go on the toilett, breath or sweat.Then you feel thirsty. If you want to stay healthy, you must drink as much water as your body loses. We find water in food that we eat and in milk that we drink. All other drinks are mostly water but many drinks that we buy in bottles or cans are just water with a little sugar and flavouring. Most food have some mineral salts in them. Some of these minerals are used, together with proteins, to build our bones and other are used to help build our muscles and nerves or other mineral salts are used for teeth and blood. All parts of our body are in need of mineral salts.Some of the most important mineral salts are calcium salts that we can find in milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, bread, cabbage and many other foods. Calcium salts are used by your body to make healthy bones and teeth. Another important group of minerals or iron salts. Iron salts, are needed for healthy red blood but we don´t have to eat nail or screws to keep our blood red. To do this in fact would make us very ill. We need only tiny amounts of iron salt that we can find in liver, corned - beef ,sardines, eggs, bread and baked beans.We learn that we must to eat foods because we get power from food, but it must be the right food. Chips, Pop corn, lollies, bonbons, chocolate and other sweet stuff we don´t need firsttime they aren´t good for our teeth and secondtime you get too much sugar when you eat them.But apples, bananas, pears, oranges, melons, carotts, tomatoes, peas all vegatables and fruits are good for your body. And we can feel lucky that we have enough to eat.

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