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'Get away from it all'

Get away from it all If you really want an exciting holiday, a stay at a British castle might be the answer. British castles which have suffered through wars and revolutions are now a nice attraction for tourists. If you want to see the sun rising over the huge lake lying in front of our hotel in the larger bedrooms. And if you want to be woken up by the birds singing in the old trees every morning or enjoy the wind blowing softly through your window – then you’ll be right if you choose our lovely hotel lying upon a hill from where you have a wonderful view of the landscape of southern Scotland. In the bedrooms you can find beautifully flowers and you’ll never have to freeze because of fireplaces working. If you like sweet tasting candies and ripe fruits you can go to the sweets shop next to the knightly prepared restaurant, where you can find employees making candies by themselves. In our restaurant you can have delicious traditional Scottish specialities from our chief-cook preparing the meals on the open fire. Our castle is located with direct access to the national highway system

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