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Guano Apes

Guano Apes began in year 1994. The three boys and the girl were young and not popular. But nearly everyone, who heard their music and loved their style got crazy from the Pop-Rock-Music. Henning plays the guitar an is 27 years old. Dennis looks as a animal from the Muppet-Show, if he sits on his drums. Stefan the bass player an Dennis are 29. But don`t forget the perfect voice from Sandra. She is 26 and the most important musicer from Guano Apes. She sings a song with DJ Tomekk - it called „Beat of life“. In 1996 there was a competion for the German TV channel VIVA. Guano Apes won the shooting for the video clip „Open your eyes“ –their first single. My favourite song is „Big in Japan“ – it`s one of the craziest songs. Their new song is slower an called I love GUANO APES and their music style FOREVER!!

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