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German Educational System

Today our children learn very much at school but some kids do not know what they want to do or they can not decide which job they will learn because there are so much jobs they can do.
Today I want to give a short survey of the educatinal system in our country and how it prepares our children for future life.
Firstly I will show the advantages, secondly the disadvantages, I try to give a starting-point for a solution and at the end I will give a short summary of this problem.
One advantage are that you learn very much to get a high general education. Another advantage is that you can choose very much jobs. You can work in the medical, the biogical, the chemical, the technical or the social branch. There are no limits in this part of our society. The last advantage I think is that you can go many ways of education. After the primary school you can choose between grammar school or secondary school. When you have passed the exam at the secondary school you can go working, to grammar school, technical college or something else. When youhave passed the abitur at grammar school you can choose between universizy, go working or something in that way. Completely said there are no limits, too
But there are also disadvantages in our system of education. One of them is that some federal states of Germany don't accept exams from other federal states. So you can only work or study where your exam is accepted. The second disadvantage is I think that our children learn things at school they don't have to know exactly, because they don't need them in their future life. In my opinion they have to get the general education from the 1st till the 7th or 8th form. An then they can go there spacial ways of education till 10th or at grammar school till 12th form, because at the age of 13 or 14 you know what you want to do. Of cours the pupuls will have German or maths but the other subjects have to be connected with the job the kids want to do. Furthermore the exams havt to be the same in every federal state that the pupil can work or study where they want.
Finally you can say there is a high standard of knowledge in our country but the education our children get does notreally prepare them for their future life. I think our educational system have to revise in the next years because it is one of the most important parts in our life.

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