Saddam Hussein was since 1978 the president of the Iraq. During his incumbency he oppressed oppositional groups and banished 4 million Iraqi citizens from their country with the help of perpetrating and torturing everybody who organised protests and criticised the bath party or the president saddam.

But for all that the american government supported saddam from 1980 until 1988 in war against Iran. With the financial aid of the U.S.A. he was able to develop weapons of mass destruction, so in 1988 he erased the city Halabja in Kurdistan and 5000 people had been killed at once with toxin.

Already at the beginning of Bush's legislature period the attack on the Iraqi regime was planed in the supporting program of the Bush administration. Directly after the 11/9/01 the U.S. safety cabinet had decided to concentrate on the attack against Iraq. This had above all industrial, political and economical reasons.

The U.S. Government maintained that Saddam Hussein hides chemical, biological and maybe atomic weapons all over the Iraq.

These information should have been trustworthy ones from the

Central Intelligence Agency. Until now these weapons had never

been found.

UN weapon inspectors investigated the Iraq and observed the whole country with high technical instruments but there was no evidence for the calumny of the U.S. government.

Bush: "He wanted to kill my father. I want revenge!"

The CIA also asserted that Saddam had been supported terroristic and fundamentalistic organisations ,although in this quarters one confronts him with abhorrence and scorn.

The Bush family owns a lot of oil companies in Texas.

The Iraq possesses the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world ,and to

endue these without any retrenchments, the U.S.A. need to keep and to intensify the control in the middle east.

But Bush promised to free the Iraq from the dictatorship with the help of the british, polish italian ,spanish and japanese assistance for rebuilding a democratic state.

This should have helped the Iraqis to achieve a higher standard of living, so Iraq could represent the efficiency of a modern democratic state.

According to that Iraq should have been a paradigm in the middle east.