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Ireland Facts & Statistics Republic of Ireland Population 3,626,2087 (1996) Capital City Dublin Land Area 70, 283 sqkm (27,136 sqml ) Language English, Gaelic (Irish) Religion Roman Catholic, Protestant Currency Euro Exports Beef & Dairy products,Information Technology (Hardware & Software) Pharmaceuticals Imports Machinery, Vehicles, Textiles, Fuel Principal Occupations Agriculture, Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Tourism National Sports Gaelic Football, Hurling, Soccer, Climate Temperate mild Winters, with rain during Summers. Northern Ireland ( UK ) Population 1,578,000 (1996) Capital Belfast Land Area 14,121 sqkm (5,452 sqml) Language English Religion Protestant, Roman Catholic Currency Sterling Pound Exports Agricultural products, Machinery Imports Fuel, Vehicles, Textiles SCOPE: The Irish/English Conflict has existed since the English defeated the Irish in the Twelfth Century. England maintained rule of Ireland for 700 years until the 1916 Irish revolt led to a division of Ireland. The Catholic south became independent Ireland and the north (with its majority Protestant population) became a part of Great Britain. Most northern Catholics were against this partition and since the 1960s, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) has been fighting a terrorist campaign for reunification and the ouster of the British. A ceasefire and the beginning of peace negotiations in 1994 brought hopes of peace. In 1996, after a lack of progress in the peace talks, the IRA reinitiated terrorist tactics. Belfast: · Much nature around Belfast · Old looking houses · Dark and dirty city · Demo of Protestants · Observation by soldiers and police · Murals on the walls

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