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St Patrick returned to Ireland

Dublin is founded

Henry 2. invades Ireland

Henry 8. becomes King (Ireland)

James1.(England) gave English and Scottish settlers land in Ireland-Ulster Plantation

the Irish rebelled but were defeated

Oliver Cromwell took away all the political power from the Irish

James 2.was king of England(Catholic)- parliament was dissatisfied

His son in law became king- William of Orange(3.)(Protestant)

James was forced to leave England and fleed to Ireland ¯

In the Battle of Boyne fought King James and William of Orange against each other James 2. was defeated on 12th July

Act of Union- Ireland became part of the United Kingdom and was ruled direct from London

Catholics are allowed to be MP’s (Members of parliament)

Great Famine

Easter Rising (Osteraufstand)- a rebellion for an independent Ireland- was defeated by the British Army

Ireland is divided

Demonstrations began, Catholics fought for equal rights

>civil right marches

Bloody Sunday- the British Army had shot 13 Catholics

Anglo-Irish Agreement

Downing Street Agreement

Good Friday (Karfreitag) Agreement- 10th April

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