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Martin Luther King Jr.

Be Great: Serve Your Community on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Each year, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we, around the United States, are reminded of the good work of the reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Media outlets report on his life and his civil rights work. We hear sound bites from his infamous, 'I Have a Dream Speech,' and prominent public officials speak out about the legacy Dr. King left behind for all of us.

And then the day ends and we put 'I have a dream' behind us until next year.

But though we've set aside a day out of our busy three-hundred-sixty-five to honor the memory of Dr. King, Dr. King's work was not done in a day; and the significance of his influence deserves more than a moment's attention.

How will you honor the spirit of Dr. King's work this year? Why not dedicate some time to service? The idea is catching on and many organizations are making it increasingly difficult to come up with excuses not to serve.

The Corporation for National and Community Service has devoted an entire website to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service which provides tips on how to create a service project of your own or, for the less motivated, lists resources for finding an existing volunteer opportunity.

The King Center Coretta Scott King's Atlanta-based living memorial to her husband, also offers opportunities to serve via their website. The King Center site invites users to 're-ignite Dr. King's dream' by serving their community. To get involved, simply choose your preferred method of service (to volunteer individually, as a group or to choose volunteerism as a way of life) and enter your zip code to locate service opportunities near you.

There are numerous other organizations (and websites) that offer similar services, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and every day of the year.

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