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Misery stephen king

a) short summary of chapter 15 - "Butchers Knife"

The world outside began to froze cause of the storm during the next day and so the roads were almost frozen. Because of this fact Anni could not come back this day and the animals were killed by the icy weather. He was alone for some days and he decided to leave his room for fetching some tablets and some food from the kitchen. During the days he continued his book and played the game "Can You?" with ideas about killing Annie, because this was his only one way to survive this crazy game. He decided to take the biggest and sharpest butchers knife and hide it under his mattress. He was dreaming for a while, but suddenly he woke up by the sting of a syringe in his arm.

short summary of chapter 16 - "Good News, Bad News"

He heard Anni´s voice and noticed now, that she had given him an injection, which made things unreal for him. He expected a end of the thousand and one nights and could not believe that he was on drugs. Anni was sitting on the end of the bed and told him about his lovely eyes and that there were good news on the one hand and bad news on the other hand. At first she told him that she loves the book and she wants him to fill all the missing n´s, cause she didn´t want to read it until he finish the story about Misery´s child. The good news were, that the car has gone by the flood and no one will find it for a long time. The bad news were that Paul was outside his room and he red her album, but it´s alright because she wanted him to read it. Paul could not be disappointed cause of the drug, and so Anni told him about god and her ride into the wood searching Paul´s car. When the police find the car, they will come to Anni at first, because there do not live much people in the mountains. Further she told him about Pomeroy, the man he had red about in Anni´s album. She gets in contact on the way to Sidewinder cause he had to do there a job. He was her lover, but his drawings were terrible and he laughed at her as she tried to kiss him. Anni killed, washed and drove him up into the hills and carried him about a mile into the woods. Then she told him, that she looked carefully at all rooms and so she noticed, that he´d been out. Then she noticed that there was something happened with the door and she took the whole look and found the broken hairpin inside. Now Paul began to laugh, cause he´d been so stupid.

b) Questions that arise from the text

1. How did Anni killed Pomeroy ?

2. How did she noticed that Paul was outside the room ?

3. How did Anni liked the story of Misery´s child ?

4. What did she say about the knife under paul´s mattress ?

5. How did she killed her lover Pomeroy ?

6. Why did Anni leaved him alome ?

c) new vocabulary

1.sharpest - knifes are sharp. 2.stung - you get it when someone hurts you with a pin  3.injection - you get it with an inoculation(Impfung) 4.invisible - you can´t see it 5.bold - someone has courage 6.imagination - when you have to imagine something 7.faint - another word for weak 8.indistinct - pictures can be indistinct if you wobble the camera 9.hitch - a hook 10.ceiling - it´s above a whole room

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