AUSTRALIA - beautiful land of wonder


beautiful land of wonder

in general

Australia is the world largest island, but the smallest continent.It is 7.7 million sq km big and only 16 million people life their. The Currency is the Australian dollar and the capital is Canberra . Australia is divided into eight federal states : New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Tasmania . The federal states  have each a capital and a flag.Today are more than 200 languages spoken but the official language is English

land and climate

Australia is the flattest and driest continent. The highest mountain, Mount Kosciusko, is only 2,228m high. Australia is so flat because there was no episode of mountain building and the land has been eroded by wind and weather through millions of years.The fascination on Australia is above all the contrast, the breathtaking beauty and the pure wilderness.Queensland, the sunshine state, is a paradies, because of its tropical coasts, fine sandy beaches and paradisian islets.
Sydney and Melbourne count as two of the most exciting metropolitan cities of the world.Sydney,which is the biggest city of Australia, is world-famous for the Sydney Habour Brige, the habour, the Opera House and the Tower, from which the whole area can be seen.

environment and wildlife

Australia was isolated from the rest of the world for thousand of years, which means that many plants and animals have arised in isolation. Many of them can be found only in Australia. You can find so many different animals and plants because there is desert and rainforest, flat land and high mountains. There are some different climates and because of this, there are so many different plants and animals. But there is another reason for many different arts in fauna and flora - in Australia there are so few people that they don′t disturb nature very much. Australia is known by its marsupials, like the kangaroo, the koala and the tasmanian devil. There are over 600 arts of birds and some of them are flightless, like the emu. In Australia there is a large number of wildlife parks, where you can visit the marsupials e.g. Kangaroo Island in South Australia

Australia's climate and the fact that it is the driest continent on earth makes it a fabulous holiday destination all year round, whatever you're planning to do.